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5 Common Causes Of Back Pain

Lower back pain is the leading cause of long-term disabilities, especially for older people. This condition affects many people. Its severity varies from short-term and subtle to a long term problem. It is often hard to be treated due to the many causative factors. Apart from the spinal cord back pain, some body parts are affected as it is the core of other body parts. Discussed here are some of the causes of back pain.

Sprains And Strainsswdszxds

Pre-Existing back problems or overexertion results to the spinal area being out of shape causing strains and sprains. Joint injuries that entail tearing or stretching of ligaments are known as strains. An injury can be due to stretching very fast. Using excessive overt repetition or force can cause your muscles to damage.

Bad Posture And Muscle Imbalance

Back pain can also be caused by sitting in a bad posture and muscle imbalance. Under using or overusing muscles results to them losing their functionality ability which leads a wrong position. Habits and stress that occur for an extended period can cause back pain too. Other bodily aches and sustained lower back pains result from a bad back.


It is an emotional cause for a back ache. Being overly traumatized and stressed emotionally creates tension in muscles. This happens without your knowledge. It is hard to point it out though it is the number one cause of backaches.

Physical Problems

cdfxsfcOther causes of back pain result from physical problems that are beyond an individual’s control. Not always necessary on what you have physically done or due to stress, it can be caused by your body structural integrity.  For instance, Kyphosis and scoliosis are curvatures of the spine that leave you feeling debilitated from the pain they cause. The technical term of hunchback is kyphosis, which is an outer curve of the middle to the upper spinal area and scoliosis involves a sideways curve in a person’s spine.


One’s performance can be affected by conditions. Conditions affecting the spine include sciatica, arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis which leads to likely combining vertebrae. One’s breaking down body cartilage results from arthritis. Sciatica disease involves the pinching of the sciatic nerve which is very painful. It can be caused by protruding or the bulging of the disc.

You can keep your back strong by taking care of the core or your back which is an integral part of your body. If your back is healthy, you will be able to minimize many causes of back pain.

Things You Can Do to Prevent Asthma Attacks

It is not comfortable to live with asthma. You are ever worried about the asthma attacks as they happen anywhere like after a sports game, at the office or just while taking a walk. Stress triggers asthma, the air you breathe, exertion from physical exercises, dust, and molds. You can manage to prevent asthma attacks by avoiding the possible triggers and being healthy. Here are few tips to help you lessen the occurrence of asthma attacks.


It is important to know everything about asthma, its symptoms and how you can control it. The more informed you are thesfxfdfwcdwsfw better because you will know what to do in case you have an asthma attack. You can get more information through reading, researching or visiting a doctor who can educate you more about it.

It is important to be aware of asthma triggers so as you can be able to avoid them. The triggers can be physical activities, perfume scents, animal furs stress, at work and pollen. Ensure you clean your house regularly to prevent dust and do not keep pets if an animal hair triggers your asthma.

Quit Smoking

Make sure that you have a clean air passage this is done by maintaining healthy airways and lungs. Smoking is the primary cause of lung damage. It may cause other respiratory problems and worsen your asthma attacks.

It is also advisable to protect yourself from polluted air. It’s hard to avoid pollution entirely, but you can try to stay inside when if there is smog all over or stay indoors if it is dusty outside.


xsddxswdSwitch to a more nutritious diet that contains the foods to help you keep you away from regular occurring asthma attacks and help you to build a healthy immune system. It helps a lot to have a stronger immune system though there is no specific food to avoid if you have an asthma attack.


Stress makes you susceptible to asthma attacks and contributes to weakening your immune system. It is better to learn ways in which you will try to minimize stress be it in the office, at home or while working. Free your mind of stress by having enough rest like sleeping.

Try some techniques for relaxation to help you practice deep breathing and aid you to relieve stress. Meditation, visualization, yoga and acupuncture are excellent relaxation exercises you can try. These exercises will help you combat asthma and strengthen your immune system.