It is important to stop smoking because it is harmful to your health. Quitting smoking is difficult for habitual smokers. It will take a lot of determination and manpower to stop smoking due to the presence of nicotine in cigarettes which is addictive. The following are tips to help you quit smoking.

Choose How To Do It

You can make a choice between these two ways to quit smoking.  You can either decrease the number of cigarettes you neither smoke in a day nor drop this habit at once.

Associate Smoking And Non-smokingfcgfwcf

It is valuable to associate non-smoking with something good and to smoke with the worst thing so that you can prepare your mind for the difficult decision of quitting smoking. For example, you can associate smoking with lung cancer, have a scenario of a very sick lung cancer patient and all they pain they undergo. Take the money that you were meant to buy cigarettes and buy something you love rather than the cigarettes. It will help create a new connection in your brain that may help you stop smoking.

Get A Club

It is very helpful to find people who also want to quit smoking. Share and tell them about your problems and they will share too. It will help to know you are not alone, and you have the support of other people who care as well.

Withstand Your Stress

efefcgftDo not give up fighting stress as much as you can. After a month it becomes less hard not to think about cigarettes. Try to avoid stressful situations like staying away from people smoking, get fresh air, sleep, read interesting books and go for walks. It’s significant to know quitting smoking because you want to have a good health.

Eat Healthy Food And Exercise

Clean your body from toxins by drinking plenty amount of water, drink more juices, add more vitamins and fresh foods to your diet.

Practice some visualization exercises like close your eyes and imagine yourself in a non-smoking area when you are free. See yourself in a beautiful place without smoking a cigarette and feel how light and healthy your body is if it is free from nicotine.

It is not very easy to quit smoking without any struggle. It is important to make it a commitment and stick to it no matter how difficult the situation may be. You will be able to win the in the fight if you can hold on up to your promise.